Horseback Riding Breckenridge

Horseback Riding Breckenridge CO

An incredible way to experience the beauty of the Colorado mountain landscape, is from the back of a horse as you ride through the open range or up the winding mountain trails.

There are several companies in the area if you want to “feel like a real cowgirl (or boy) on a western ranch,” as some of our guests have described it. There are rides and trails available for people of all experience and bravery levels. In our experience we have always found the horses to be wonderfully trained and the guides to put safety and education first, making for a truly enjoyable experience. We have observed a sense of trust and security between the guides and their horses which conveyed a level of confidence to us as riders. They really seem to care about their horses and their riders.

If you choose to ride here in Breckenridge, the trails are more nose to tail, up and down riding near the ski hill with small stream crossings and jaw-dropping views from the various scenic vantage points. If you prefer the wide open spaces of the open range, a scenic 40 minute drive over Hoosier’s Pass will allow you to ride side by side with your guide through beautiful pastures, woods, and streams. You may be lucky enough to see antelope or elk on the plains, or even a moose in the wooded areas near the streams. For the more
confident rider, the rolling hills and mostly open area make it possible to “really ride” and feel the wind in your hair. Whichever style of ride you prefer, there is an unexplainable sense of peaceful exhilaration when riding a horse through the breathtaking scenery of the rockies.

Some locations also provide a ranch style lunch upon your return.

horseback riding breckenridge

Breckenridge Stables

Platte Ranch

Rusty Spurr Ranch

Breckenridge Welcome Center

The middle of the town

Copper Mountain




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